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The revival from the verge of a business closure.

Long-established manufactures in Kyoto receive orders
from all over the world.

Speaking from Nishijin textile’s Obi (kimono belt) manufacturer, Kyoto has
many companies that combine the production knowledge of being a developed
and well-established textile manufacturer with cutting- edge technology.
Resulting in a textile manufacturer that produces and sells conductive silver-
plated fiber (yarn). They provide a one-stop service that offers the biometric
data analysis of users in the cloud by combining the wearable device using
this conductive yarn with a transmitter.

A Secret is in the unique weaving. It’s a delicate technique an analog craftsman
has, so it cannot be copied anywhere else. This unique woven fabric
stretches and shrinks and can capture accurate data as a sensor. It is a
ground breaking wearable, which was invented through the transformation
of new ideas born by combining social networking and the traditional
craftsman’s weaving skills to innovate new technology.

In the industrial field, the conductive wearable device detects the
health condition of employees including illness, stress, fatigue levels,
and drowsiness. In sports, it has been researched to help the athletes
identify the state of muscle fatigue and monitor the stress or tension
level to check the optimum heart rate zone.

They aim to be an enterprise that can cope with the global scale of
issues including; a declining birthrate, an aging population, and
a shrinking labor force.