Synesthesia will enrich your heart     

Culture is alive
It gets brightest when it is connected to human life

 ~Wisdom guides you to the Future Happiness~
Kyoto culture has been nurtured elaborately.
To support this, many successors of tradition and culture live in the city.
Culture and ordinary life are deeply connected.

Kyoto has created a diverse culture in its 1,200 years of history
With a mixture of aristocracy, samurai and various groups of grassroots people,
it has created a unique culture that incorporates the element of surprise and diversity.
There are numerous gardens and architecture with vibrant traditional arts and crafts.
A variety of culture such as Chanoyu (tea ceremony) with
Wabi-sabi and Ikebana (flower arrangement) live in Kyoto.


The concept of one soup & three side dishes

Omotenashi (hospitality) with a bowl of boiled rice, a Miso soup and one main dish.

Japanese Garden Tairyu Sanso

The pursuit of art and aesthetics as seen from Sukiya architecture and garden.

KATANA, the concept of Purified sharpening

Japanese Sword Innovation, How this concept effects us afterwards?


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The world blended techniques for both  aesthetic sense
& Japanese candle
Wabi-Sabi world as “In Praise of Shadows”by
Japanese Candle & Shoji screen

Aesthetic expression by the view of life and death& Energy

“Japanese aesthetic sense & The beauty of nature”
Tairyu-sanso designed by Ijyuin Kanetsune
The pursuit of art and aesthetics as seen from Sukiya architecture and garden.



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