Japanese Sword, the concept of “Purified sharpening.”

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The Japanese sword that “does not break does not bend
and cuts well” is highly regarded worldwide.

This technological innovation was brought by sword craftsmen in Kyoto,
particularly at the demands of the Emperor and warriors.

Much of the performance of the Japanese sword is a legend; therefore many
aspects of the
sword technique remains a mystery due to its loss.
This is why the Japanese swords are
exclusive in terms of traditional manufacturing,
their performance, and elegance that cannot
be reproduced with modern industrial technology.

In addition, Japan has the longest history of polishing technology in the world,
and it began
during the Paleolithic age. How do we wipe away the impurity of
the sword that killed a man?
The concept of “Purified Sharpening” was born
together with the development of polishing

Later, this concept entered into the Japanese craftsmanship of lacquer painting,
and the
sharpening technique of the wood turner’s cutter or chef’s kitchen knife.