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For a positive future

We aspire to spark your interest in innovative technologies inspired by the traditional
Kyoto Sense of the diverse cultures of KYOTO.

We provide service to connect successors of tradition and culture in Kyoto with those
who aim at developing a creative business, and will meet
the needs and demands of
people involved in design or production,
with those who will like to learn the profound
value (wisdom) of Kyoto Culture.

What is extraordinariness fascinates thousand of people?

Kyoto has created a diverse culture in its 1,200 years of history with a mixture of aristocracy, samurai and various groups of grassroots people, it has created a unique culture that incorporates the element of surprise and diversity. Kyoto culture has been nurtured elaborately. To support this, many successors of tradition and culture live in the city. Culture and ordinary life are deeply connected.

What do we seek in our life?

The world is united by the global economy that outweighs convenience and efficiency. On the other hand, the economy and informational tools are causing a loss of feeling, happiness, and well-being. People deeply interested in this place visit here, to seek the sense of value they have not. Those who aim at developing a creative business visit also to seek the clue of new business from deep inside Kyoto Culture.

Universal logic follows from humane studies, sociology and natural science

The innovative technology of Kyoto pottery that inspired Japanese tea ceremony
culture also led to the creation of the capacitor and the use of ceramics in
electronic parts. The technique of embroidery with gold or silver thread in Nishijin
textiles led to the creation of  a conductive film for touch panels and wearable shirts
as highly functional garments. These have now become essential tools. In this way,
the history of daily life in Kyoto has continued to inspire the realization of innovative
products for a better life.

In Kyoto, wisdom deeply connected with ordinary life leads enrich your life and has
been kept
creating new business. Our consulting which utilize the logic we called
follows the clue in order to create your business for foreseeable future.



Scientific approach to a Human behavior subject to natural law,
Customs in daily life Innovation who are able to share with spreads
around the world like a wave


The revival from the verge of a business closure. Long-established manufactures in Kyoto receive orders from all over the world.

The secret of a long-established company that continues to innovate for 314 years.

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